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We are dedicated to be a bubble tea business partner, who make business a force for good, and bring people joyful moment of drinking the delicious bubble tea worldwide.

Through a keen understanding of the underlying needs of every boba player, we are committed to providing individuals with tailored effective strategies, all for the win!

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We are Tachungho, the ultimate coaches in all things bubble tea. Our game plan is to equip our partners for success and nurture the next generation of boba players. As your guides to the world of tapioca drinks, we mentor, arm, and empower you to create your own unique flavor and compete to win. Since 1983, we’ve been playing in Taiwan’s bustling beverage scene, the original home of boba. We’ve honed recipes, perfected techniques and gained on-the-pitch industry experience. Now we bring all of that to our partners, providing ingredients for teas and toppings, beverage accessories, and tailored training services. Giving you everything you need to craft your own signature drinks alongside expert coaching for a head start in the bubble tea arena. Let's Tea Up!

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With more than 40 years of experience, we have been marketing our products in more than 60 countries around the world and have become globally renowned! The experience has forged our professional sensitivity in the bubble tea industry, and we are able to flexibly use various raw materials, such as tea, drink powders, bubbles, and syrups, to develop customized raw materials and innovative drink recipes. We help our customers to start a business, prepare drink mixing with skills, and design dream menus. Our professional consultant team provides you with one-stop integrated services.

The Development History of Chen En Food Alongside the Bubble Tea Industry

Chen En Food Development
Important Timing for Bubble Tea Industry
1983 Startup Period
From raw material supply of an icy & fruit punches shop to the birth of tea kiosk
The founder, Liu Chen-Hsun, started by selling the raw materials for the icy & fruit punches shop and invested NT600,000 to build a 5-foot wide bubble tea kiosk to teach people how to sell and make money, which accelerated the popularity of bubble tea.
tea kiosk
The Birth of Bubble Tea and the Prevalence of Bubble Tea Shops
Old tea shops in the city transformed to sell bubble tea, which became a meeting point for the youth, and tea chain stores, such as Hsiao Hsieh, began to appear in the streets, while bubble tea was born in Taiwan during this period.
1999 The Second Transformation
We became a wholesaler of raw bubble tea materials
The company gradually expanded its bubble tea market from small production to mass distribution, started to provide raw materials to every bubble tea chain store, and integrated the raw material supply chain, resulting in the peak of domestic sales.
early Taiwan bubble tea shop
Late 1990s
Take-Away Chain Stores Became the Mainstay
The invention of the “automatic sealing machine” replaced the traditional cup lids, making take-away bubble tea shops as the mainstream, and LolliCup, Easy Way, Ta Lienmeng, and Quickly began to expand their chain of take-away shops and bubble tea to other countries.
2010 The Third Transformation
Created a one-stop integrated service for global marketing
Provided the best solutions for entrepreneurs, including teaching, opening a business, and supplying raw materials. We have travelled to six continents to participate in exhibitions, joined Alibaba and Taiwantrade, making every effort to develop overseas markets.
Taiwanese bubble tea
Bubble Tea Began to Spread Its Flavor Across the Sea
Many people noticed the charm and business opportunities of bubble tea and came to Taiwan to learn how to make the authentic bubble tea. At the closing ceremony of the 2009 Summer Olympic Games for the hearing impaired in Taiwan, bubble tea was favored by teams of athletes from all over the world.
2019 The Fourth Transformation
Invested in a new smart factory to improve food safety and services
The bubble tea industry was moving towards globalization. In order to provide better service to our clients, the company has invested in a new smart factory in Chiayi and moved towards the goal of planning for the professional division of labor between production and sales.
Tachungho smart factory
The Global Trend of Bubble Tea
A new generation of chain bubble tea shop made a breakthrough to enhance the bubble tea. By emphasizing on the visual, safe, healthy, natural and other slogans, in line with the trend, the charm of bubble tea began to sweep the world and blown into the Palace of Art, Louvre Museum in Paris, France, the fashion capital of the United States, New York, the mysterious continent of Africa countries, our surroundings, China, South Korea, Southeast Asia, and even more in 2019 resulting in the trend by the Japan Reiwa new year.
2020 to the Future From
Establishment of Bubble Tea Startup Academy and overseas presence
With an eye on the future, we have set up the Bubble Tea Startup Academy to teach our clients how to prepare drinks and provide counselling to set up their own shops. We have also set up overseas bases to transfer our complete service system to help more local clients to set up bubble tea shops and increase sales.
Taiwanese Bubble Tea Spreading Worldwide
2020s to the Future
Taiwan Bubble Tea is Expanding Its Shops All Over the World
Bubble tea is the representative of Taiwan’s cuisine, bringing more people to smile because of the deliciousness of bubble tea, and accelerating the love for bubble tea among the young from all over the world through short videos. The market research estimated that by 2030, the market value of bubble tea will reach 6.17 billion US dollars worldwide, and the global market of bubble tea shops will continue growing.


We have many major commercial reputation certifications,major quality system certifications, and major agency safety certifications, such as ISO 22000, HACCP, Halal international certifications. The company's corporate reputation has been confirmed through the audits of international authoritative institutions DUNS Degree and product safety, In the interest of offering a safe, sanitary and stable product as well as services, we constantly innovate to ensure success.