Taiwan Transaction Instructions:
Cash / ATM transfer
Monday~Friday 08:30am~17:30pm
1F , No. 1, Qiao'an Street, Zhonghe District, New Taipei City

Product Return/Exchange Instructions
Product Return in Person
  1. In-store transaction, there is no 7-day free look period (Article 19 Paragraph 1 of the Consumer Protection Act)
  2. Prevention of food safety issues, except for product abnormalities (microbiological, physical or chemical), we will not accept any returns.
  3. The product abnormality does not include unilateral cognitive flavor gap (the main raw materials of food have a considerable proportion of agricultural products, under a certain probability, it is normal for each batch of flavor to be slightly different)
  4. If the product is found abnormal and returned, please provide the receipt of the transaction to facilitate subsequent operations.
Product Return for Delivery
  1. Not an in-store transaction, it is required to keep the complete product package and receipt for a return / exchange within 7 days.
  2. Except for product abnormalities (microbiological, physical, chemical), frozen products, customized products and customer products will not be accepted for return.
If there is no receipt when returning product, please help to fill in the "Debit Note," stamp the company invoice stamp or personal signature stamp and ID number.

Delivery Service Instructions
The delivery is free of charge, if the purchase of NT$2,000 in the Taipei area, or with the purchase of NT$3000 in Keelung or Taoyuang city.
To the south of Taoyuan and other special areas (Wulai/ Pingxi/ Jiufen/ Gongliao/ Pinglin, etc.), the cost is calculated separately, please contact our sales staff.
  • In order to improve service efficiency, please call in to order before 3PM one day in advance.
  • There are special case services provided by designated personnel in other parts of the country (including outlying islands and foreign areas). You are welcome to contact us for more details.
  • Order before 3PM on the day and deliver on the next delivery day when ordered after 3PM
Delivery areas on Monday / Wednesday / Friday
Taipei City
Zhongshan District/ Nangang District/ Neihu District/ Songshan District/ Beitou District(excluding Guandu)/ Datong District/ Wanhua District/ Shilin District
New Taipei City
Banqiao District/ Xinzhuang District/ Sanchong District/ Luzhou District/ Wugu District/ Shulin District
Taoyuan City
Taoyuan District/ Zhongli District/ Pingzhen District
Delivery areas on Tuesday / Thursday
Taipei City
Zhongzheng District/ Da’an District/ Xinyi District/ Wenshan District/Guandu in Beitou District
New Taipei City
Zhonghe District/Yonghe District/Tucheng District/Xindian District/Sanxia District/Yingge District/Xizhi District/Danshui District/Bali District
All areas of Keelung City
Delivery areas at other times
Taishan District/ Yangmingshan/BadeDistrict/Yangmei District/ Daxi District/ Guanyin District/ Xinwu District
Shenkeng District
Linkou District/ Guishan District/ Luzhu District/ Dayuan District (include Qing Pu)
Jinshan District/ Wanli District/ Sanzhi District
Taishan District/Longtan District/ Guishan District/ Luzhu District/ Linkou District