The Trip of Milk Tea (III)The Golden Ratio for a Milk Tea with Great Look, Aroma, and Taste

The Trip of Milk Tea (III) 

The Golden Ratio for a Milk Tea with Great Look, Aroma, and Taste

Author: Lillian

Milk tea consists of tea, milk, and sugar. You can create exclusive confidential formulas with different flavors by simply changing one of the said ingredients. We organized our drinks modulation experience for more than 30 years and interviewed professional tea bartenders for their opinions to provide tips for making a tasty milk tea. Black tea is the base of milk tea with the “Assam black tea” and “Ceylon black tea” as the most common bases while the milk part includes “creamer” and “fresh milk” and the sugar part commonly includes “fructose” and “sucrose.” With constant advancement and innovation of drinks in the present, the flavors of said products provided by each vendor vary with many other new selections, such as the milk can be replaced by “oat milk” and the sugar can use “brown sugar.”


[Grasping the ratio of tea and water]

The base tea of milk tea often requires a strong liquor, otherwise, the taste of tea might be overwhelmed by the sweet milk smell if it is not strong enough. We usually choose “Assam black tea” or “Ceylon black tea” as the base while the proper ratio of tea and water is between 1g:30-40c.c. It is suggested to brew for about 8 minutes with a water temperature between 95-100℃ and adjust the ratio according to the original bitterness of the tea. For example, Ceylon black tea with strong bitterness is not suggested to be brewed by the ratio of 1:30 unless the customers prefer a strong tea flavor or it is combined with a strong milk aroma.


[Matching tea with milk]

After the tea liquor is prepared, it can be combined with fresh milk or creamer to make milk tea. Also, milk powder evaporated milk or condensed milk can be added to improve the richness of milk flavor. The suggested ratio of rea and milk is 1:1 or 2:1 for fresh milk tea while the ratio of tea liquor and powdered creamer is 250cc:40g in case of 700cc drinks.

※ Experience from tea bartender Amy: Some foreign markets do not have milk as rich as those in Taiwan. It is suggested to use the “Half and half” formula (half milk with half whipping cream) common in foreign countries with the same ratio of fresh milk in the hope of achieving the same flavor.


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[Controlling the sugar for enhancing taste]

Sugar can assist in highlighting the flavor and aroma. Regardless of the fresh milk or creamer, 700cc drinks with full sugar are suggested to add 40cc fructose and sucrose to enhance the flavor and thickness. However, there may be other more suitable sugar for different teas with different characteristics. For example, the newly launched “Longan Flavor Black Tea” matches perfectly with “brown sugar syrup” for the best longan flavor milk tea with excellent aroma, strength, and purity. (RECIPE LINK: Super sweet milk tea for sweetie)

(Click here >> Super sweet milk tea for sweetie)


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[Secrets to improve the flavor]

The shaken milk tea has a silky texture when drinking due to the collision of air, ice and milk tea via the shaking process to provide a silky milk tea without bitterness for a better mouthfeel. In the early days, the vendor adds chocolate powder to the milk tea with the purpose of enhancing the thickness and flavor, just like the concept of adding suitable chocolate to the curry to improve the overall flavor.



We organize some key points to be aware of when making milk tea. However, the vendor shall test and adjust the milk tea according to the preference of the individual and customer in the market. There is no definite golden ratio in the world. As long as your customer buys it, such a ratio is the best standard answer.



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