What is the Difference Between “Cane Liquid Sugar” and “Fructose?”

What is the Difference Between “Cane Liquid Sugar” and “Fructose?” 

Written By : Lillian

Why do current hand-shaken drink vendors need to add sugar after adding fruits, flavored syrup or juice when making fruit teas or a smoothie? Some brands even have fixed sweetness and the clerk will suggest the customer to add sugar for the drink. First of all, base tea for fruit tea has a stronger astringency which cannot be covered by Juice Concentrate. Secondly, “sugar” not only can provide sweetness but also improve the aroma of the finished product. In general, various brands in the market can be classified as 2 kinds, one is “fructose” and the other is “Cane Liquid Sugar.” Of course, there are other kinds of sugar to be added for drinks modulation making its flavor different from other brand’s to create an exclusive feature of their own, such as: honey, brown sugar syrup, Traditional Sugar Syrup, etc.


Before understanding the difference between flavors, we must know about fructose and Cane Liquid Sugar first. The most common misunderstanding is that people often say “Cane Liquid Sugar is healthier than fructose,” “fructose is hard to digest so we should eat Cane Liquid Sugar ” or “fructose has lower calorie than Cane Liquid Sugar , which is helpful in weight reduction.” In fact, Cane Liquid Sugar and fructose both belong to sugar with different flavors.



Fructose is an “easily digested monosaccharide” generated from amylum and is soluble in water. Common fruits and root crops all contain fructose, which is 1.73 times sweeter than Cane Liquid Sugar. The vendors often manufacture “high fructose syrup” due to the difficult crystallization of fructose.

Cane Liquid Sugar is a kind of “disaccharide” consisting of 1 glucose connected with 1 fructose. As the main result of photosynthesis, Cane Liquid Sugar is widely spread in the plant with extremely high content as in sugar cane, beet and fruit. The cane liquid sugar of TachunGho is the “invert liquid syrup” (Cane Liquid Sugar + glucose + fructose) of Cane Liquid Sugar with high sweetness and easily soluble in water due to its liquid form.

In aspect of drinks modulation, besides the slight difference between the flavors, Cane Liquid Sugar and fructose tend to display its difference during the modulation of fruit tea. For example, both sides will provide distinct feelings for the same mango turquoise tea while other conditions remain the same.


Cane Liquid Sugar



Improve the fruity aroma




Strong mouthfeel


Improve sweetness

Improve sweetness


In addition, TachunGho also sells “blended honey” and “brown sugar syrup.” The “blended honey” will obviously improve sweetness and satiety with its unique aroma while the “brown sugar syrup” has its own aroma of mixed brown sugar and caramel with a little bit of white gourd aroma. Combined with a specified tea, it can make milk tea with excellent flavor. Therefore, we recommend “Longan Flavor Black Tea: Super sweet milk tea for your sweetie.”



We believe that besides selecting base tea that is different from other brands to change the flavors, we shall also consider changing the selection of “sugar” to create a flavor difference and develop new trends. For example, the extremely popular “Lemon Green Tea with Golden Ratio” in the past was made of a kind of sugar named golden boiled sugar.

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