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Lemon Condensed Milk Smoothie with Honey Milk Foam and Rose Jelly 700cc



Honey Milk Foam 100g, Rose Jelly 150g, Taiwan Lemon Condensed Milk Powder 50g, Ice Cubes 300g, Fructose 5cc, Water 50cc, Some Zest



1. Put rose jelly 150g into a cup.
2. Pour Taiwan lemon condensed milk powder, fructose, water and ice cubes into a blender machine and blend it into a silky texture and then pour it into the cup.
3. Finally pour some zest and the honey milk foam on the top.


* Honey Milk Foam: Whipping Cream 300cc, Flossy Powder (Original)30g, Milk 100cc, Prime Artificial Honey Flavor Syrup 30cc